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How many we served in 2011
  • Catholic Charities served 100,685 people which included 40,450 children, 49,025 adults, and 11,210 senior citizens.

  • Catholic Charities housed 2,551 individuals at any given time in our 101 housing sites.

  • Catholic Charities provided pregnancy services to 365 young women. They received childbirth and parenting education, pregnancy counseling, adoption services, and supports to complete their education.

  • Catholic Charities assisted 3,899 individuals with obtaining health insurance enrollment services.

  • Catholic Charities provided safe shelter to 1,065 individuals who were homeless, experiencing domestic violence, or who were runaway youth.

  • Catholic Charities provided emergency assistance to 18,706 individuals and their families in the form of food, clothing, utilities, transportation, prescription expenses, household furniture and other basic need services.

  • Catholic Charities provided 20,084 individuals with food pantry services.

  • Catholic Charities provided 2,978 individuals with individual, couple, family and addictive counseling services.

  • Catholic Charities provided services to the developmentally disabled; 572 receiving service coordination and habilitation services, while 73 lived in our residences.

  • Catholic Charities served 428 senior citizens at our congregate dining sites.

  • Catholic Charities assisted 315 adult immigrants in applying for their US citizenship.

  • Catholic Charities assisted 76 refugees with resettlement.

  • Catholic Charities provided housing advocacy to 8,764 individuals.

  • Catholic Charities Youth Services provided 1,718 children with summer camp programming, 624 children with after school services, 144 youth with mentoring, and 266 children with early child development services.

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