January 17, 2018

Statement on Cohoes Fire Fund

Catholic Charities received the funds from the Cohoes Fire Fund on Tuesday, January 16th and has begun connecting with the Cohoes fire survivors to start the Disaster Case Management process. This is a comprehensive approach to help disaster survivors rebuild their lives and gain back some of what was lost. Thanks to the experience of our case managers, who will be working one-on-one with the affected people, we will be able to seek out varied resources from state, federal, and local organizations to help the survivors as much as possible.

The Cohoes Fire Fund will be crucial to helping meet the unmet needs that come up in this process – paying for things as varied as furniture, or medical products, or other needs chosen by the survivors that can’t be covered by other resources.   The survivors of this fire absolutely will be choosing and prioritizing those needs and working with our case managers to get that accomplished as fast as possible. 

100% of these funds raised by the community will go to help fire survivors, and Catholic Charities is not taking a fee for our work. We’re pleased to be able to offer our help thanks to the generosity of Catholic Charities’ donors. If anyone was affected by the fire and would like to speak with a case manager about getting help, please call Catholic Charities as soon as possible at 518-641-6953.