July 5, 2017

The Ladies of Charity Celebrate 400 Years of Service

The Ladies of Charity in Albany are not only one of this year’s honorees at the annual Night at the Museum, they are also celebrating their 400th anniversary. Founded in 1617 by St. Vincent de Paul, the Ladies of Charity are a volunteer organization of lay members dedicated to providing service to the poor. They are one of the oldest, continuously functioning organizations of their kind. Since being founded in Albany in 1970, they have proven to be a vibrant presence throughout the Capital Region.

The services provided by the Ladies are extensive. When they are not distributing diapers, clothing and formula for families at Mary’s Corner, they can be found assisting the homeless at the Sister Maureen Joyce Center, with the retired Daughters of Charity creating care packages for service members and children fighting cancer, or distributing hundreds of coats during their annual Coats for the Community drive. Even when determining how to celebrate their anniversary, the Ladies of Charity focused on others, organizing an offertory collection to benefit the Daughters of Charity Border Ministries.

Their mission attracts growth. “When you have that spirit of service you naturally share it. Growth happens organically — we simply invite others to share in our work,” said Kim Witko Seitz, president of the Albany Association. Having attracted twenty-two new members just this year, it is clear that the work of the Ladies of Charity continues to inspire others to pursue a life of service to the poor in the Capital Region.