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Commission on Aging

Contact: Jill McLellan-Phelps

The Commission on Aging promotes the continued integration of the aging into parish and community life and encourages the development of activities related to the spiritual, educational and societal well being of the older person.


Commission on Peace and Justice

Phone: (518) 453-6695
Director: Deacon Walter Ayres

The Commission assists Catholics and the wider community to understand and respond to God's call to human solidarity as found in Scripture, the witness and teaching of Jesus, and the social doctrine of the Church. This heritage addresses economic and social justice, stewardship of the earth's resources, human rights, and the nonviolent resolution of conflicts.


Commission on Restorative Justice

Contact: Betsy Van Deusen

The Commission works to raise awareness of criminal justice issues and restorative justice practices, as well as Church teaching related to them, increase advocacy on behalf of public policy proposals that reflect a restorative justice approach, support the development of activities at the parish, cluster and diocesan levels to implement the recommendations and concepts outlined in the State and National Pastoral Statements of the NY and US Catholic Bishops on Criminal Justice.