Additional Programs & Ministries

Additional Programs and Ministries

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany oversees several additional programs and diocesan-wide ministries and initiatives. Diocesan liaisons for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and Catholic Relief Services are housed within Catholic Charities. Information about specialty programs such as Immigration Legal Assistance and Disaster Response and Recovery are below. 

Additional Programs:

Disaster Response and Recovery Office (DRRO)

Director: Wilhelmina Murray-Davis

The initial emergency response following a local or national disaster is coordinated from the central administrative offices of Catholic Charities. The primary focus is on long-term recovery as disaster survivors begin to rebuild their lives. Catholic Charities addresses unmet needs with the coordination and equitable distribution of resources and volunteers. Catholic Charities works collaboratively with community organizations in accomplishing a Diocesan disaster response.


Immigration Legal Services

Contact: Paula Read, Immigration Counselor/BIA Accredited Representative
Immigration Attorney: David W. Meyers, Esq.

Provides immigration-related legal services for low-income clients. Services include consultation, counseling, and preparation of petitions and applications for, among other benefits, lawful permanent residency and U.S. citizenship. Assists individuals who are victims of human trafficking.


Ministries and Diocesan-wide Services:

Jail Ministry
Contact: Sister Betsy Van Deusen

This program provides ministerial and pastoral services for individuals incarcerated in county jails throughout the Diocese. The following services are available: sacramental ministry, including Mass, communion services and Reconciliation; pastoral visits in the housing units; counseling, and religious materials such as Bibles, rosary cards and reading materials.


Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Contact: Sister Betsy Van Deusen

CCHD is the domestic anti-poverty, social justice program of the U.S. Catholic Bishops. The mission is to address the root causes of poverty, to educate Catholics and to work to change the systems that oppress the poor. It is the local contact on funding opportunities for community organizing and economic grants.


Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Contact: Sister Betsy Van Deusen

CRS is the overseas aid program of the U.S. Catholic Bishops using Catholic Social teachings to guide Catholics to form bonds of global solidarity by means of education, direct action, advocacy, partnerships and service. CRS disseminates information on emergency response, agriculture, education, healthcare, HIV/AIDS, micro-finance and small enterprise, and peace building.