August 1, 2022

Meet Olivia

Meet Olivia

I'd like to take a moment to tell you about Olivia. Olivia was a typical 3-year-old girl. One morning, while wearing her favorite rainbow pajamas, Olivia went outside to play. While Mom and Dad were still inside, she began to wander down the street until a neighbor saw her walking alone and called the police. 

Upon entering Olivia’s home, the police found that her Dad had overdosed. Sadly, he did not survive. With drugs in the home creating an unsafe environment, Olivia was placed in foster care. 

Olivia’s story is all too common, but Catholic Charities of Columbia and Greene Counties is there to help. Our Facilitated Supervised Visitation Program allowed Olivia to spend time with her mother in a safe environment, so she could maintain a relationship with the adult she loves most. 

"Thank you for offering a nonjudgmental environment for Olivia and me.” - Sharon, Olivia's mom

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