November 18, 2022

Plow Truck Makes for a Safer Winter for Hundreds of Catholic Charities Residents

Plow Truck Makes for a Safer Winter for Hundreds of Catholic Charities Residents

As temperatures drop, and the promise of snow looms, residents and staff of Catholic Charities Housing properties can rest easy. Thanks to a vehicle donation from Bette & Cring, Trustco Bank, PhRMA, Catholic Charities’ donors, and other local community partners, Catholic Charities Housing Office will be able to plow out their sites with ease this winter, allowing for a safe and stress-free morning for staff and residents alike. 

“At Catholic Charities, we know how important it is for our residents to get out the door – safely – during the winter months,” said Sister Betsy. “Whether going to work or an interview or to look for a more permanent apartment, it is our job to provide them the tools to do so. Clear parking lots and driveways are a huge part of that.” 

“We are so grateful to our donors and community partners who made this possible,” said Sondra Young, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Housing Office. “Last year, our former plow truck became unusable, which left our staff scrambling to find ways to clear our properties of snow. I can’t understate how important this is to our residents, who are reliant on us to provide a clear and safe path out the door in the morning.” 

“The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) is grateful for the opportunity to support Catholic Charities,” said Stami Williams, PhRMA spokesperson. “Your efforts are improving people’s lives in tangible ways. Thank you to Sister Betsy, Bishop Scharfenberger and everyone at Catholic Charities for your tremendous work.”

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Albany currently operates over 21 properties across the Diocese of Albany, including affordable family apartments, single-room residences, supportive housing programs, and a shelter for men. Over 800 people have been served through Catholic Charities Housing Office so far this year. The plow truck will support at least nine properties with snow removal and serve as a maintenance vehicle year-round. 

Pictured above: Sister Betsy Van Deusen speaks at the blessing for Catholic Charities Housing Office’s new plow truck.