August 31, 2021

Catholic Charities Offers Rental Assistance

Catholic Charities Offers Rental Assistance

As Evictions Loom, Catholic Charities Continues to Provides Rental & Emergency Assistance

Did You Know?

Catholic Charities provides emergency rental, heating, electric and financial assistance across the Diocese to our neighbors who are facing financial hardship. Through the Emergency Assistance Program, Catholic Charities meets people where they’re at to keep them housed, safe and stable.

Just this year, we were able to work with a mother and her young son who had lost their housing unexpectedly. With a little help from Catholic Charities, she was able to afford her security deposit and has had a stable place to live ever since.

If you or someone you know is in need of emergency assistance, you can call Catholic Charities directly at 518-453-6650 or send us an email.


Photo by Andrew Mead on Unsplash